Design & Construction Design & Construction Wildflower Pavilion construction process Reconstruction process 191851427 David B. Smith Gallery Historic remodel Design Development, Design Intent, Construction Documents and Custom design furniture Fabrication 139031611 Loft Gallery Design and Fabrication Design and Fabrication 162203620 Gallery concept model 3D concept for completed gallery 162203619 Reception Desk Concept Reception desk 2 entry view concept 161907246 Reception as built Reception desk design and fabrication for DBSG 156804550 Universal Design Home Remodel This is a sketch of my current architectural project. I am designing a large remodel for a client that is in need of universal design principles for mobility around the house and property. 160594118 New floor plan for Universal Design Design Development, Schematic Design, Construction Documents 161287266 Country Kitchen Remodel Residential kitchen woodworking and installation 139031613 Chef's Kitchen Schematic Design & Remodel Lyons, Colorado residential remodel featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchens and Bath Ideas May / June 2007 139031612 Elegant Marble Kitchen Design & Remodel Residential design, remodel and woodworking 139031614 Brighten my day white kitchen Residential home design and remodel 139031615 Fireplace Mantel Design 174437919 Finished Mantel 174437920 Custom Kitchen Design and Fabrication Residential home remodel and furniture design 139031616 Kitchen Design & Remodel (before) A quick facelift for a small condo 174437921 Kitchen Design & Remodel (after) Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel appliances, Cherry fire cabinets 174437923 Kitchen Design and Remodel (before) 80's blah not even enough room over the stove 174437922 Kitchen Design and Remodel (after) A nice place to prepare a meal 174437924